The Ultimate Guide To HP ENVY 5055 REVIEW

The A – Z Guide Of HP ENVY 5055 Review

How to Choose a printer?


Have you continued studying to purchase a new printer but aren’t sure where to begin? Are you seeing to improve from what you currently own? Want some tips on what to look for?


Here are Five points to examine when purchasing a printer.

  1. Image Quality

Depending on your target market, your image quality requirements may differ. Here are a few points to consider:


Resolution– Printers that can produce a minimum of 1200dpi print resolution would suit fine art reproduction and photography well. Most printers have many resolution modes, so be sure to find one that has a wide range of capabilities in terms of print resolution (an example would be 360dpi-2880dpi, covering various modes in between).

Color Gamut– Some newer printers have improved ink sets which widen the printable gamut you can achieve. Gamut comparisons are sometimes included in printer brochures or information kits, so check the available downloads at the manufacturer’s site. Another quick way to judge achievable gamut with various printers is to download the manufacturer’s included ICC profiles for the printer you are considering. When you Soft-Proof a outline on screen, you tin visually understand what colors the printer can accurately reproduce without shifting colors (shift will vary depending on your rendering intent).


Density– Ink density translates to rich, deep, vibrant colors. Different ink sets can achieve higher or lower ink densities, so it’s important to compare printed samples. If you have a densitometer, try to get black and white photos and take delta readings of the black ink density. This is usually a good indication of which ink set can yield higher frequencies.

Ink Droplet Size– Droplet size is typically measured in picoliters, so look for a printer capable of droplet size of around 4-12pl. A lower number means a smaller droplet, and a smaller droplet translates to a sharper image. Some printers have a larger or smaller droplet size, so a printed sample of a high-resolution image will help you determine if the prints will be sharp enough. A general rule is the droplets should not be visible to the naked eye from the intended viewing distance of the photograph.

Ink Configuration– Printers have a variety of ink configurations generally ranging from 4 colors, 6, 8, and 12 color machines. Generally speaking, the more colors a printer has, the more full the color gamut it can achieve. But this is also relative to the quality of the profile that is being used for printing as well. The inclusion of Orange and Green inks on many new printer models contribute to a more full gamut and more available colors. Light versions of existing colors (Ex: Light Cyan, Light Magenta) help in smoothing gradations and improve black and white printing.

ICC Profiles– Are there available ICC profiles for the media you wish to use? If you manage your own color, is the printer easy to profile? Does the printer accurately reproduce color over time, or does it need constant re-profiling? Look for product reviews that mention profiling capabilities.

  1. Ease Of Use

Sometimes we get so caught up in features and specifications that we forget the importance of usability. Having a printer that is easy to use means less frustration and troubleshooting. If there will be more than one user, production can be seamless if there is less guesswork with the printer and its settings. Ask these questions when trying to determine the ease of use:

  1. Size & Speed

The size of the printer will depend on what image sizes you wish to offer. Do you currently own a 17″ wide printer and are not sure whether to invest in a 24″ or make the jump to 44″? If you can’t answer this question, let your customers help!

Determine what sizes are most requested, and this will be a high starting point. Ask your customers what sizes they would be most interested in if you had more considerable print capabilities. Look at what print size options are available on the web, and you’ll get a good idea of what’s most common.

If you print canvas, determine how much additional cloth you’ll need for stretching when you have more considerable print capabilities. This can be factored into the total print width that the printer is capable of. More extensive printers usually can handle longer and heavier rolls, which can translate into overall media savings (versus printing sheets or shorter roll lengths).

Speed is an important aspect that should not be overlooked if you need to achieve a particular amount of output each day or week. Keep in mind that faster print speeds typically mean a decrease in image resolution, so find printers that can achieve faster speeds while retaining resolution.

Be aware that in some cases you may have to compromise quality for speed, or vice versa. As stated above, most printers have various settings for resolution, so test a few methods and see what the best results are in terms of speed and quality combined.

  1. Media Handling

Make a list of everything you currently print on. Now add the media you would like to start using to that list. Newer printers have expanded capabilities for 3rd party media, so find a printer that can handle everything you wish to throw at it! While some printers might be better suited for photography, others may be geared more towards outdoor signage and short term graphics. Do you know what other printmakers in your target market are using?


Media thickness is also something to consider, so look at a printer’s designations sheet to find out what paper thickness it can handle. If you can see the printer in action, make note of how it handles multiple media that is loaded.


HP ENVY 5055:

The screen and functionals use (i.e., Copy, Scan, Setup) are on the front, so it’s simple to set this printer onto a rack, etc where you want (as long as there’s enough room to lift the lid to photocopy. The display screen is a touch-screen and works well. The printer prints clear and quickly. The scan quality is excellent as an HD copy. The paper tray pulls out and pushes in, and has a flap to keep the dust-out. This printer has the wireless ability and also has a USB port if you want to use a USB cable (which I do because I find wireless to be a catch on any printer). The software is quickly downloaded, and the on-screen directions are easy to follow. At one point, the software installation process got “stuck,” and I had to reboot, but after that, the installation process continued smoothly. (In my opinion, that’s electronics for you no matter what, and it probably doesn’t always happen, but if it does, reboot, and no worries.) The ink is easy to install. I’ve used the printer for a few weeks now, and I’m delighted with it


Functions Of HP ENVY 5055

  •    Step up and create projects at home – Print, scan, and copy borderless, high-quality photos and documents with crisp, sharp text using this versatile all-in-one printer
  • Our most powerful printing app ever – The HP Smart app allows you to easily set up your wireless printer, scan documents with your camera, and print from social media or the cloud, such as iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • Stay connected, no matter what – Whether connecting to your network or your mobile device, reliable Dual Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart deliver a stable connection for steady performance
  • Choose an ink replenishment service – Save up to 50% with HP Instant Ink or Save 10% on all reorders with Amazon Dash replenishment; upon activation your printer measures ink levels and places smart reorders when you are running low; no subscription fees; cancel anytime
  •  Spend less on ink and never run out – With optional HP Instant Ink, you get ink automatically ordered by your wireless printer and delivered to your door for as low as $2.99 per month (subscription required)
  • Wide range of paper size support – This all-in-one printer works with letter, legal, 4 x 6 in, 5 x 7 in, 8 x 10 in, and No 10 envelopes
  • ·         One-year limited hardware warranty – 24-hour, 7 days a week FREE HP Web support
  • ·         Form Factor: Premium Photo Printer
  • ·         Paper Size: 3 x 5 to 8.5 x 14, Letter, Legal, Envelope
  • ·         Connectivity Technology: Cloud Printing




HP ENVY 5055 Unboxing and Wireless Setup


Compare HP ENVY All-in-One Printers


I am hopeful you bought this printer after spending several hours searching and reading online articles for all sorts of printers.

I did the setup manually; it was fast and easy. Wifi, document printing, photo printing, print, copy/scan are all working seamlessly. I set up the printer to order ink by itself whenever the ink is low so that I will never run out of ink. The printer is very slick and portable, and it even prints double side automatically to save papers. I write from my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook seamlessly too, I use it for home/business. I love everything about this printer. I highly recommend it.

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